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Appointments & Careers of professors

The University of Bayreuth is a creative, courageous, innovative, and highly liveable university. It offers space for ideas to thrive, and acts as an engine of innovation for the Bayreuth region, society, and the scientific landscape. For this, the University of Bayreuth needs the best minds.

The appointment of professors has a decisive influence on the quality of research, teaching, and profile development. This is therefore one of the central processes of the University. Quality-oriented appointment management ensures that appointment procedures can be carried out in transparent and proper fashion.

The application process takes place via our appointment platform.

Those involved in appointment and tenure procedures can access information material on appointments, interim evaluation, and tenure evaluation on the intranet, after logging in with their university username.

Fair and transparent appointment negotiations


Clear, transparent, and efficient processes in the appointment procedure are of great importance to the University of Bayreuth’s University Governing Board.

Our appointment and retention negotiations are characterised by fairness, appreciation, transparency, and reliability.

In 2018, the University of Bayreuth was awarded the seal of approval of the German Association of Universities (DHV) for fair and transparent appointment negotiations.

To support dual career couples, we offer Dual Career Support.

The W1-W3 Bayreuth Track

The W3 professorship is the standard at the University of Bayreuth. In addition to direct appointment, all our tenure-track professorships to be filled in the future will lead to a W3 professorship ("Bayreuth track"). With the introduction of the W1-W3-Bayreuth Track in January 2019, the University of Bayreuth expressly aimed to attract junior scholars who have decided to pursue a career as a professor after completing their doctorate. In this way, the best young researchers have the opportunity to obtain a W3 professorship via the tenure-track procedure.

After the position has been advertised and the quality-assured appointment procedure successfully completed, the junior researcher will be offered a W1 position (junior professorship) as tenure-track professor. In their third year, an interim evaluation takes place, which, if the result is positive, leads to the extension of the W1 position to a total duration of six years. In the event of a negative interim evaluation, a bridging phase of a maximum of one year will be possible upon application. Only the tenure evaluation in the sixth year decides on the promotion to and continuing employment as W3 professorship. The criteria laid down in a performance agreement are the sole basis for this. In the event of a negative tenure evaluation, a maximum one-year bridging phase is again possible. If the tenure evaluation is positive, the unlimited W3 professorship follows.

The Bayreuth-Track statutes and the quality assurance concept for tenure-track procedures regulate the procedure and course of this career path.


Your contact for appointment matters:


Jana HoffmannHead of Appointments Unit

Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-5386

Office: Room Nr. 2.03, Central University Administration (ZUV)
​Universitätsstr. 30, 95447 Bayreuth


Dr. Sandra WölfelDeputy

Phone: +49 (0)921 / 55-5384

Office: Room Nr. 2.03, Central University Administration (ZUV)
​Universitätsstr. 30, 95447 Bayreuth

Further services

Human Resources Development

The University of Bayreuth constantly offers its employees a variety of continuing education opportunities.


The WiN-Academy is the University of Bayreuth's offering for the career development for junior scholars. In addition to your scientific work, interdisciplinary offerings provide you with an optimal research and working environment.

During the W1 phase, we provide support in the form of mentoring and/or coaching. In this way, you will be offered the opportunity to develop professionally as well as personally at an early stage of your career - be it through the use of modern laboratories and state-of-the-art equipment, or through the structured measures for personnel development offered by the Bayreuth-WiN certificate.

Research Funding

Whether regionally, nationally, or internationally, whether publicly or privately funded - the staff of the Office of Research Funding provide comprehensive advice and support in the preparation and application process of your research projects.