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Cleaning and ventilation schedule of the University of Bayreuth

on point 9(b) para 4 and 5 of the guidelines on enforcement of the Bavarian Infection Protection Measures Ordinance at Bavarian universities.

This cleaning and ventilation schedule regulates the cleaning and ventilation of rooms at the University and is at the same time an instruction for all employees of the University of Bayreuth.

1. Regular cleaning, if necessary disinfection of rooms and work equipment

Lecture halls, seminar rooms, and practical rooms

The occupancy of the rooms shall be communicated to ZT 1 (Buildings & Grounds Maintenance 1) in good time. Lecture halls and seminar rooms are cleaned daily, regardless of the type of use and number of users. Particular attention is paid to operating elements such as door handles, switches, fittings, etc. Toilet facilities adjacent to lecture halls and seminar rooms are cleaned regularly, but at least once a day. Cleaning is arranged by the Buildings & Grounds Maintenance.

Users in lecture halls and seminar rooms have access to cleaning agents for surface cleaning for individual use. Users can order materials at

Work equipment which is typically used in examinations and practical courses, and which is used in quick succession by several participants, must be cleaned by the users, otherwise suitable protective clothing (e.g. gloves) must be worn for its use.
These measures are to be performed by the users of the rooms.

Work tables, work equipment, operating elements, and surfaces in practical rooms shall be cleaned by the respective users, otherwise suitable protective clothing (e.g. gloves) shall be worn when using them.

2. Regular airing of rooms

Rooms are to be aired regularly.

Rooms without ventilation systems (e.g. offices, meeting rooms and in some cases seminar rooms)

These rooms must be aired at the beginning of proceedings, and at regular intervals thereafter, by means of shock ventilation (open window, preferably by cross-ventilation). Airing should be repeated every 45 minutes for approx. 5 minutes. Ventilation by tilting open windows is insufficient.
In meeting rooms, where tighter occupancy is to be expected, airing should be repeated after 20 minutes.

These respective user is to ensure these airing directives are carried out.

Rooms with ventilation systems (e.g. lecture halls, seminar rooms, laboratories)

In rooms equipped with an active room air conditioning system, this is controlled by Buildings & Grounds Maintenance to ensure supply of fresh air. As a rule, no further individual ventilation is required in these rooms.

Information on ventilation requirements is posted on a notice board in lecture halls and seminar rooms.

An overview of the lecture halls and seminar rooms regarding the equipment with ventilation systems is linked below.

Air recirculation units such as circulating air cooling units, fans, fan heaters ​

The use of these devices should be avoided wherever possible. Such equipment must not be operated if more than one person is present in the room.

This cleaning and ventilation schedule will be revised and, if necessary, adapted by: Department IV / Buildings & Grounds Maintenance

Date: 23.09.2020
Issued by: Reinhard Schatke / Dr. René Amore

Information on room occupancy and ventilation systems

In this context, please also note the following overview of the reduced number of spaces available and the ventilation systems in place:

A list of all lecture halls, seminar and conference rooms can be found on the website "Buildings in Detail":