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University of Bayreuth, Press release No. 152/2021, 27 October 2021

Prof. Dr Manfred Miosga awarded the 2021 Bavarian State Medal for Services to the Environment

Yesterday (26 October 2021), Prof. Dr Manfred Miosga was awarded the 2021 Bavarian State Medal for Services to the Environment. The Environmental Medal is the highest award of the Free State of Bavaria for outstanding services to nature, environmental, and climate protection. Prof. Miosga received the environmental medal in Munich from the hands of the Bavarian State Minister for the Environment and Consumer Protection, Thorsten Glauber, MdL.


The Bavarian State Medal for Special Services to the Environment

The Bavarian State Medal for outstanding services to the environment is the highest award the Free State has to bestow in this field. Bavaria’s Minister of the Environment Thorsten Glauber stresses that “The protection of the foundations of life has the highest priority in Bavaria. 

Climate change, the preservation of biodiversity and our diverse natural habitat are the great challenges of our time. The Free State is taking mainspirejor steps in tackling them. Only together can we preserve our wonderful world with all its natural treasures and resources for future generations. This requires people who are passionately and persistently committed to the fascinating diversity of landscapes, animals, and plants, who pass on their knowledge and infect others with their enthusiasm. The Environmental Medal of the Free State of Bavaria is an important sign of recognition and gratitude. With it, we honour personalities who have rendered outstanding services to nature, environmental and climate protection through their exemplary commitment.”


Thorsten Glauber, Member of the Bavarian Parliament, Bavarian State Minister for the Environment and Consumer Protection (l.), presents the Environmental Medal to Prof. Dr. Manfred Miosga from the University of Bayreuth on 26.10.21

From the laudation by Thorsten Glauber, MdL, Bavarian State Minister for the Environment and Consumer Protection, on 26 October 2021

Dear Professor Miosga, you are a professor of urban and regional development at the University of Bayreuth. For more than 20 years, you have been active in the field of municipal consulting and founded the consulting cooperative KlimaKom eG, a strong partner for our municipalities in climate protection, energy-related urban redevelopment, and the transition to renewable energy, which is well-known far beyond the region. Your great voluntary commitment is characterised by a sense of responsibility and action. As President of the Bayerische Akademie Ländlicher Raum e.V., the strengthening of rural areas is particularly close to your heart. In your highly acclaimed contributions, you tirelessly call for the reduction of land consumption. Your initiative for sustainability transformation as well as your model of spatial justice are respected far beyond the borders of our country. Professor Miosga, sustainability is your leitmotif and the guiding principle of your actions. You are an advocate for it at a federal, state, and regional level. And for you, this includes the regular exchange of ideas with practitioners and your commitment to the Upper Franconia Orchard Alliance. Dear Professor Miosga, you are committed to sustainable municipal development in an outstanding way and with great personal commitment. For this we say a heartfelt thank you, today, with the Bavarian State Medal for Outstanding Services to the Environment. Congratulations!

Prof. Dr. Manfred Miosga explains

“The news that I was being presented with the Environmental Medal of the Free State of Bavaria”, says Prof. Dr Manfred Miosga, “reached me after I returned from a ten-day intensive practical with students - and was a real surprise. I am so happy about this award! I see the environmental medal as an appreciation of my diverse work for sustainability, resource conservation, and environmental protection. Both in my professional tasks and in my voluntary work, I have dedicated myself to the challenge of working for a transformation towards sustainability, especially on the ground. Without my teams in the respective places, such as in my research projects, in my work as President of the Bavarian Academy of Rural Areas, or in my voluntary projects, the reach and success of my commitment would not have been as great. I therefore also understand the award as an appreciation and a thank you to my many comrades-in-arms”, explains Prof. Dr. Manfred Miosga in view of the award. University President Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible congratulated the recipient: “I share your happiness, and would like to take this opportunity to offer you my warmest congratulations. With the Environmental Medal, you have been awarded a high distinction for your scientific work and your achievements. This outstanding honour is visible recognition of your dedicated and outstanding commitment to the environment.”

The Professorship for Urban & Regional Development at the University of Bayreuth

Cities and regions are facing major challenges. Demographic change, economic structural change towards a knowledge economy, climate change, and the transition to renewable energy require comprehensive adaptation measures at a municipal and regional level. Science is called upon to provide a sound technical basis for tackling these and many other problem areas, and to actively support the necessary processes of change. “The Department of Urban and Regional Development is taking on this task in a very targeted manner. In research and teaching, we deliberately focus on topics that address the challenges of urban and regional development in the 21st century. In this way, we not only wish to contribute to a better understanding of local and regional transformation processes, but also make a contribution to shaping them, aligning them to our guiding principle of sustainability”, says Prof. Dr. Manfred Miosga.

Die 2021 Ennvironment Medal

The Bavarian State Medal for Special Services to the Environment and Consumer Protection is awarded annually by the Bavarian State Minister for the Environment and Consumer Protection to up to 15 persons, associations, or municipalities who have rendered outstanding services to nature conservation and environmental protection. The State Medal is the highest distinction awarded by the Bavarian State for “special services to the environment”.



Prof. Dr. Manfred Miosga, Dipl.-GeographProfessor for Urban & Regional Development Faculty for Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences


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