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University of Bayreuth, Press Release No 125/2021 13. September 2021

"macht schwach sinn": Students organize philosophical "bayreuther dialoge" conference on 30 and 31 October 2021

Especially now, in the face of international crises such as the coronavirus pandemic or climate change, people are increasingly feeling weakness - on a personal, political, and social level. Weaknesses in the economic order and the school and health systems are also becoming increasingly apparent. How are we going to deal with this, and how ought we? Is weakness always a negative thing? This and much more will be the topic of "bayreuther dialoge" 2021 under the motto of "macht schwach sinn" (“power weakness purpose”).


The organizing team of the „bayreuther dialoge“ - 3rd semester students of Philosophy & Economics - work on the programme since December 2020.

Since 2002, "bayreuther dialoge" have been the forum for the future to discuss economic, philosophical, and social issues. The two-day conference is organised exclusively by students of the Philosophy & Economics programme at the University of Bayreuth. For the organisers, the interdisciplinary exchange with a wide variety of players from science, business, government, and civil society is central. The organisers are convinced that "only through intensive exchange tomorrow's projects can grow out of today's ideas".

This year's conference will again feature top speakers: British political scientist Colin Crouch, politician and publicist Marina Weisband, Volt founding member Damian Boeselager, poetry slammer Thanu X, and many more. The programme includes lectures and keynotes, free-choice workshops, and panel discussions. While most of the main programme will take place on the campus of the University of Bayreuth, the supporting programme on 29 October will happen in the city of Bayreuth for the first time. At venues such as Kulturhaus 9 1/2 and TransitionHaus, an art exhibition and lectures are planned, among other things. More about the programme here:

Due to the pandemic, "bayreuther dialoge" will take place as a hybrid conference. Guests of the in-person events must be vaccinated or recovered (2G rule). If the situation requires, the digital share of proceedings will be increased accordingly. In parallel, there is the possibility to attend events partially or completely online.

Tickets are available now at

About "bayreuther dialoge"

For years, "We have to talk" has been the slogan of the "bayreuther dialoge" - a conference format that students of the Philosophy & Economics programme at Bayreuth organize every year - in addition to their studies. "We create an appetite for the future and discuss approaches to solutions for the big and small questions of the present. Interdisciplinary. Without reservations. Progressive," the students say of themselves. These values reflect the core of the Philosophy & Economics degree programme, with which the University of Bayreuth, about 20 years ago, was one of the first universities in Germany to take up the Anglo-Saxon tradition of combining economics and philosophy, and social and economic issues.


Pia Riepl-Bauer
Student Philosophy & Economics – Universität Bayreuth
Organizing Team 18th "bayreuther dialoge"

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Anja-Maria Meister

PR Spokesperson University of Bayreuth

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