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University of Bayreuth, Press release No. 129/2021,16 September 2021

Climate Neutral Bavaria: Annual Colloquium of the Bavarian Academic Forum on 7.10.2021 at the University of Bayreuth

The Bavarian Aademic Forum (BayWISS) Annual Colloquium 2021 is dedicated to a topic that could hardly be more relevant. "Climate-neutral Bavaria. What can we do?" is the question experts from the 31 member universities of BayWISS meeting in Bayreuth on 7 October will seek to answer. An overview of the state of climate research in Bavaria will be given and information provided on what opportunities the member universities and universities of applied science see to positively influence the change towards climate neutrality.


The BayWISS Annual Colloquium 2021 is dedicated to a topic that could hardly be more topical: "Climate Neutral Bavaria. What can we do?"

At the BayWISS colloquium, renowned Bavarian researchers will discuss the latest extreme weather events from many perspectives. Not only will the various consequences of climate change and the related research at Bavarian universities and universities of applied science be presented, but also measures to slow down climate change. The BayWISS annual colloquium is therefore not only aimed at professors and doctoral students in the eleven BayWISS collaborative research centres and working groups, but also at media representatives who wish to learn more about the state of climate research in Bavaria.

Date/ time / place

In a panel discussion, Prof. Dr. Carl Beierkuhnlein, University of Bayreuth, spokesperson of the BayWISS Collaborative College Life Sciences and Green Technologies, Prof. Dr. Matthias Drösler, Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences, BayWISS Collaborative College Life Sciences and Green Technologies, and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Sterner, OTH Regensburg, member of the BayWISS Collaborative College Energy, will discuss the core question of the colloquium: "Climate-neutral Bavaria. What can we do?"

From 2.30 p.m., workshops will be held on "Climate protection and sustainability: goals of Bavarian universities". Among other things, on "better use of resources / space / offices at universities / public institutions", "transparent canteen - healthy and ecologically sustainable food", and "climate protection through natural CO2 storage - moors, forest, agriculture, water".

From 4 p.m. onwards, the workshop results will be presented in the plenary session, followed by the awarding of the
2021 BayWISS Prize. The event will end at approximately 5 p.m.

About the Bavarian Academic Forum BayWISS

BayWISS is the cooperation platform of all eleven Bavarian universities and 19 universities of applied sciences (HAWs), as well as the Munich University of Philosophy. The 31 member universities use the diversity of competencies, profiles, and ideas of the Bavarian universities to tackle universal problems and to represent common interests. They strengthen the culture of cooperation in research, teaching, and further education - and the scientific standing of Bavaria as a whole. Since its founding in 2015, BayWISS has grown into a unique nationwide instrument for institutionalised exchange between universities and HAWs. As this year's host of the BayWISS Colloquium, the University of Bayreuth is a member of the following collaborative colleges: Energy, Economics, Digitalisation, Social Change, Life Sciences & Green Technologies, and Resource Efficiency & Materials. Further information here:


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