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University of Bayreuth, Press Release No. 019/2021, 12 February 2021

New Cooperation: University of Bayreuth and Charles University Prague Ceremoniously Open PPE Double Degree Programme

In a virtual ceremony, the University of Bayreuth and Charles University Prague opened their PPE Double Degree Programme today. With this, the University of Bayreuth is continuing to pursue its internationalization strategy. The double degree programme in Philosophy, Politics & Economics (PPE) enables excellent bachelor and master’s students of the renowned Bayreuth P&E programme to study at both universities and gain two degrees in Bayreuth and in Prague.

Die Karlsbrücke in Prag.

“As a young, medium-sized, regionally integrated, and globally operating research university, it is an important goal for the University of Bayreuth to further expand its international profile. Internationally competitive teaching and double degree programmes play a key role in this. I am therefore very pleased about the cooperation with the largest university in the Czech Republic, Prague’s Charles University”, explains University President Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible.

 “The new double degree programme offers Bayreuth P&E students the unique opportunity to study philosophy, politics and economics in two different environments, thereby broadening their academic, social, and cultural experience.”

“The innovative and exclusive PPE double degree programme with Charles University in Prague is aimed at excellent Bayreuth P&E students”, explains Prof. Dr. Julian Fink. The professor of practical philosophy researches and teaches in Bayreuth’s bachelor’s and master’s programmes in Philosophy and Economics, or P&E. He initiated and coordinates the new PPE double degree programme. The programme allows students to study at both universities and earn two degrees (Bayreuth and Prague) within the standard period of study for the bachelor’s and master’s degrees, respectively.

  • By the way, Charles University charges tuition fees – but Bayreuth P&E students are exempt from paying them! This means Bayreuth students have the privilege of studying at Charles University without having to make a financial contribution.

Admission to the double degree programme is through an application process, “because we aim to get the broadest possible picture of the student’s personality and talents. We pursue a clear educational goal: our students are being trained to become experts who can approach politically complex decision-making situations with analytical thoroughness”, Fink said.


P&E goes PPE.

Success in higher education requires constant innovation and reconstruction. Twenty years after its inception, Philosophy & Economics (P&E) has become a household name in interdisciplinary education in Germany and beyond. 

Now it is time to invigorate the P&E programme by integrating political science into the programme. Starting in 2021, the double degree programme will allow P&E students to study in Bayreuth and at Charles University in Prague and earn two degrees (Bayreuth P&E and Prague PPE) within the standard period of study. “The PPE programme at Charles University”, Fink said, “complements our Bayreuth P&E programme with a variety of courses in political science as well as international relations, giving its students an understanding of how political interests, ideologies, and international institutions shape our world. The programme is a great opportunity for P&E students to apply philosophy and economics to politics, government, international institutions, and relations.”

  • Students may apply for the PPE double degree by September 30 (BA deadline) or April 30 (MA deadline). Students are accepted into the double degree programme through an application process.

“With the double degree programme, we would like to further internationalize the Bayreuth P&E programme and strengthen the cooperation with Charles University in the long term, which is certainly a special feature for both universities given the differences between the two institutions”, explains University President Leible. “At the same time, with this new and complementary offering, we also wish to attract those students to Bayreuth and to Philosophy & Economics who expect a political science and social science focus from this combination of subjects. We are grateful to have a strong partner in Charles University and, in particular, to benefit from its renowned Institute of Political Science.”


What is the secret of success of “P&E – made in Bayreuth”?

In 2020, the University of Bayreuth was the first university in Germany to follow the tradition of Anglo-Saxon PPE programmes with its P&E programme. Meanwhile, with more than 1,000 degrees, P&E is a success story at the University of Bayreuth. “The combination of philosophy and economics takes an integrative approach”, Fink said. “Studying P&E at Bayreuth means not simply taking two separate subjects, but learning in a coordinated, interdisciplinary, and internationally oriented programme. Bayreuth philosophers and economists really do teach and research together!” What is also remarkable about the Bayreuth P&E programme, he said, is that it is growing rapidly. Probably no other university in Germany has two subject groups that are expanding as dynamically as philosophy and economics (VWL) in Bayreuth, the scientist claims. Since P&E was founded, the philosophy department has grown from two to seven professorships and two junior professorships. Further development and growth have also characterized the economics department over the past seven years. The number of professorships has increased from four to eleven, plus one junior professorship.



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