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University of Bayreuth, Press Release No 143/2021 - 14 Oktober 2021

"MUT- Girls and Technology" online programme during the fall holidays.

Enthusiasm and aptitude for technology are not in the genes, yet girls are still less likely to be found in science subjects than boys. That's why universities and colleges want to introduce young women and girls to technical subjects and have launched the "MUT- Girls and Technology" program. The Upper Franconian universities and colleges are also offering online courses and workshops for girls and young women between the ages of ten and 19 during the fall vacations.

Upperfranconian universities want to introduce young women and girls to technical subjects.

Stefanie Raab-Somabe, contact person for MUT programmes at the University of Bayreuth, emphasizes that these offers not only promote the participants' own activity: "The exchange with the other participants also encourages the girls and young women to follow their interest and decide to study STEM, i.e. one in the mathematical, engineering, scientific or technical subjects."

On November 2 and 3, two vacation programmes will therefore take place in Upper Franconia: "On your marks - technology - go!" for girls aged 10 to 14 and "MINT-HerbstUni!" for girls and young women aged 15 to 19. Participants can choose from twelve different courses. The events take place entirely online. Information on the courses and the opportunity to register (registration deadline: October 25, 2021) can be found at

At "On your marks - technology - go!" girls aged 10 to 14 can discover how versatile science and technology are in many different online workshops. "Above all, they can become active themselves and thus experience their competencies," says Prof. Dr. Ute Schmid, Women's Representative of the Faculty of Information Systems and Applied Computer Science (WIAI) and coordinator of "MUT - Girls and Technology" at the University of Bamberg, "because that's what girls often lack in order to decide to study or train in the STEM field."

Girls and young women from 15 to 19 who can already imagine studying later on can learn about interesting study contents and deal with current topics in technology and natural sciences at the simultaneous event "MINT-HerbstUni!". Margarete Blank-Bewersdorff is a professor at Hof University of Applied Sciences and is responsible for the MUT offerings there. As a women's representative, she knows that women can move and shape a lot in the STEM field. "Women engineers have the opportunity to work on solutions to major challenges. With climate protection and digitization, technology is becoming relevant to the breadth of society. This is where women's perspectives are hugely important."

The 2021 organizers have taken the positive from the Corona pandemic: the good response to the online courses in 2020. At that time, for the first time, the vacation event took place digitally rather than in person. And for the first time, there was also a joint event of all four MUT locations in Upper Franconia. "This idea originally came about due to the special circumstances of the Corona pandemic, in order to be able to make career orientation offers at all," says Ina Sinterhauf, initiator of "MUT - Girls and Technology" at Coburg University of Applied Sciences. "However, this has turned out to be a real stroke of luck and has released potential." For example, it has allowed girls who live further away from one of the four university locations to participate.

Information on the courses and the opportunity to register (registration deadline: October 25, 2021) can be found at



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