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University of Bayreuth, press release Nr. 147/2021, 21.10.2021

Bayreuth economists achieve top positions in Handelsblatt and THE rankings

Handelsblatt places Bayreuth economist Prof. Dr. David Stadelmann among the best young economists in the German-speaking world. In the 2022 THE Ranking, the field of Business & Economics at the University of Bayreuth performs very well.

Prof. Dr. David Stadelmann

Every two years, Handelsblatt publishes a ranking that reflects the research output of German-speaking economists - regardless of whether they conduct research in Europe or in the USA, for example. The Handelsblatt ranking is based on the SCImagi Journal Rank (SJR) and takes into account researchers' publications in the most important academic journals. 

In 2021, Prof. Dr. David Stadelmann from the University of Bayreuth is listed among the top "Young Economists" of the German-speaking world. The Chair of Development Economics achieves 44th place among all German-speaking economists under the age of 40.

"I congratulate Professor Stadelmann on this success," says Prof. Dr. Jörg Schlüchtermann, Dean of the Faculty of Law, Business & Economics. "Having such an outstanding young researcher among our ranks makes me very proud. And it indicates how strong the level of research at our university really is."

The fact that the University of Bayreuth is so advanced in the field of Business and Economics is also shown by the latest Times Higher Education Ranking (THE Ranking), which was published in October 2021. As in last year's ranking, the University of Bayreuth is internationally ranked 126-150 out of 795 universities. This puts Bayreuth in the top 20 percent worldwide. In a Germany-wide comparison, Bayreuth is ranked 6th out of 20.

"I am very pleased that we were once again listed in such a distinguished group in the subject ranking," says Prof. Dr. Friedrich Sommer, Dean of Studies of the Department of Business & Economics. "Especially the interdisciplinary degree programmes we offer at Bayreuth set us apart from other universities."

Under the umbrella of the Faculty of Law, Business & Economics, the University of Bayreuth brings together law, business administration, and economics. Due to this networking, the University offers degree programmes with interdisciplinary and innovative profiles. "Top positions in rankings confirm the faculty's mission statement. We are committed to developing innovative solutions for the future through interdisciplinary approaches," explains Sommer. "In doing so, we are not only nurturing talent, we also offer an ideal environment for students, researchers, and academics."



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