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University of Bayreuth, Press Release No 128/2021 - 15 September 2021

Campus in Kulmbach in Winter Semester 2021/22: new bachelor's programme is attracting many Bavarian students

Starting in October, the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Bayreuth will be expanding its programme to include a German-taught bachelor's programme to create an attractive and future-oriented option for young people in the region and beyond. Those responsible for the programme are extremely satisfied with the number and quality of applications received so far.Creative solutions to the space problem for lectures will make the start of studies in Kulmbach something special.


The campus in Kulmbach is becoming even more diverse: while the English-taught master's programmes launched so far were mainly of interest to international students, the new German-taught bachelor's programme Food & Health Sciences is apparently attracting mainly young people from all over Bavaria.

The actual start of the programme is preceded by a demanding application process. Once all formal criteria have been met, the applicants are assessed in a two-stage aptitude assessment process: an evaluation of their Abitur grades, including other additional qualifications, as well as an aptitude interview. The majority of the more than 100 applicants were able to impress us with their good academic performance and previously acquired qualifications. A total of 76 applicants were granted admission. How many first-year students will actually enrol will not be known until the start of lectures in October. It can be assumed that the acceptance rate will be high, after all, there are hardly any other comparable degree programmes in the whole of Germany. As Prof. Dr. Stephan Clemens, founding dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences: Food, Nutrition & Health explained: "Nutrition is one of the major topics of the future. We are developing our degree programmes in Kulmbach with this conviction. We are very pleased that so many young people are interested in this programme right away and want to embark on the adventure of moving to a new place and taking up an interdisciplinary course of studies that has not existed in Germany before. Everyone in the new faculty is doing their best to ensure that this adventure is a success and that a fulfilling, stimulating study experience is possible in Kulmbach."

Lectures in a cinema

This also includes making the best out of a tight space situation. The University of Bayreuth has already rented the cinema in Kulmbach for lectures, as well as rooms at the BRK, the VHS, and even the town hall. At the Kulmbach campus, it is hoped that the Covid case numbers will remain under control and that the first semester reception as well as the orientation and other opportunities for getting to know each other can take place in person. The guided tour of Kulmbach has already been booked and the local students have also come up with a number of ideas to welcome the newcomers. For example, an interactive city rally, a running dinner, and question-and-answer sessions with lots of first-hand tips on the topic of "Studying in Kulmbach" have been planned.

Prof. Christian Fikar, Professor of Food Supply Chain Management and programme coordinator for the bachelor's programme Food & Health Sciences is looking forward to the new students: "Our applicants already impressed us at the information events and interviews with their immense interest in the current challenges facing the food and health sector. We can hardly wait until we can finally welcome them in person here at the campus in Kulmbach."

Wanted: accomodations for students

Accommodations for the students remains a difficult issue – those responsible in Kulmbach expect about 150-180 students from all three degree programmes to study in Kulmbach starting in the autumn. Since the student dormitory in Kulmbach is already fully booked, the private housing market will play a crucial role. Students are still looking for one-bedroom flats as well as larger flats for families or several students, in particular flats with good public transportation access. Doris Pfaffenberger is available to answer any questions on this topic ( and Phone: 09221-4071002). Apartment offers can also be submitted directly to Studentenwerk Oberfranken (Ms. Weiß, 0921 5559-54,



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