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University of Bayreuth, Press Release No. 044/2021, 13 April 2021

New: Supplementary Course in Sustainability for all Students

Starting in the 2021 summer semester, students of all disciplines enrolled at the University of Bayreuth will be able to take the new Supplementary Course of Study in Sustainability. The supplementary programme is an initiative resulting from the sustainability strategy of the University of Bayreuth, and expands the range of courses with relevance to sustainability it offers. The programme comprises 30 ECTS points, and a graded final certificate is issued upon passing.

In cooperation with various research groups and staff units at the University of Bayreuth, the “Green Campus” initiative has taken the lead in developing the Supplementary Course of Study in Sustainability over recent months. The supplementary programme, which will kick off in the 2021 summer semester, offers all students enrolled at the University of Bayreuth the opportunity to acquire or extend their existing knowledge in the area of sustainability. 

“The Supplementary Course of Study in Sustainability expands Bayreuth’s range of courses, and provides our students with key competencies in the area of sustainability, alongside their main course of study”, explains University President Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible. “By intensively addressing the topic of sustainability, the University of Bayreuth is seeking to advance the discussion academically well beyond university boundaries.”

After the University of Bayreuth adopted a sustainability strategy for the whole campus at the beginning of the year, its students can now make the topic of sustainability a part of their studies. The additional course of study, which is aimed at all students, consists of three modules, and comprises a total of 30 ECTS points. 

The introductory module is always to be offered in the summer semester only, so it will only be possible to take up the course at the beginning of the summer semester. In addition to the elective courses and modules, students will also put what they have learned into practice by designing their own project. Students of all disciplines at the University of Bayreuth can enrol for the Supplementary Course of Study in Sustainability until 10 May 2021.

Content of the supplementary course

The Supplementary Course of Study in Sustainability combines almost all areas to be found at the University of Bayreuth through the lense of sustainability. Not only ecological, economic, and social aspects are taken into account, but also technology, culture, health care, law, and other disciplines that make up the elective component of the supplementary course.

Depending on the modules selected, the forms of examination range from written and oral examination, to assignments, presentations, and project outlines. Students are thus able to tailor their supplementary studies to their own interests.

A supplementary course of study offers students the opportunity to deal with subject areas that they might not come into contact with in their main study programme. Due to the different faculties and areas that come together in the Supplementary Course of Study in Sustainability, students can explore diverse areas of any subject complex. And since sustainability is becoming increasingly relevant globally, the competencies acquired in the additional course of study will become increasingly important for later career choices.

General programme information

  • Start of studies: summer semester
  • Conditions of admission: enrolment at the University of Bayreuth
  • Restrictions to admission: none
  • Standard period of study: four semesters
  • Course type: supplementary course of study
  • Language of instruction: German and English
  • Qualification: graded certificate
  • Homepage: www.zsnachhaltigkeit.uni-bayreuth.de
  • Registration until 10 May 2021 per E-Mail to studierendenkanzlei@uni-bayreuth.de

The "GreenCampus" initative

As part of its sustainability strategy, the University of Bayreuth launched the “Green Campus” initiative in 2016. In “Green Campus”, students, scientifically guided by doctoral students Leyla Sungur and Anna Krombacher, work to assist the University of Bayreuth in implementing its sustainability strategy. 

Among other things, “Green Campus” initiates new projects every semester and supervises their long-term implementation. Responsible for “Green Campus” are Professors Christoph Thomas and Jens Strüker. Prof. Dr. Christoph Thomas is a geoecologist and heads micrometeorology at the Faculty of Biology, Chemistry & Earth Sciences, while Prof. Dr. Jens Strüker is an economist, historian, and information systems specialist, and is Chair of Information Systems & Digital Energy Management at the Faculty of Law, Business & Economics. Further information available here: www.greencampus.uni-bayreuth.de



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