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University of Bayreuth, Press Release No. 038/2021, 01 April 2021

The University Council has voted: The election has gone to Dr Nicole Kaiser

Last week, the University Council of the University of Bayreuth elected Dr Nicole Kaiser to succeed Dr Markus Zanner. Precisely when the the President can make the appointment, and when she can take office, is currently being coordinated. The replacement became necessary when previous holder of the post, Dr. Markus Zanner, decided to move to Nuremberg as provost of the new Technical University there.  


The University Council has chosen Dr. Nicole Kaiser.

Dr Nicole Kaiser, who holds a doctorate in social economics has been head of the Accounting Office of the University of Bayreuth since January 2020, and was previously Personal Assistant to the Provost from 2017. Following her studies, Dr Nicole Kaiser worked as a research assistant and degree programme coordinator at Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nürnberg. She received her doctorate there in 2018. She has also been involved in the Hanns Seidel Foundation since her student days. The 33-year-old comes from Kulmbach.

“I am very happy about this excellent solution”, says University President Prof. Dr. Stefan Leible, “because we can now continue to pursue important projects at full speed. Dr Kaiser is familiar with these projects down to the finest detail. This is just one reason why I am very much looking forward to our working together.”

“With Dr. Kaiser, the University of Bayreuth is gaining an extraordinarily capable provost who can be trusted to continue the successful course of her predecessor Dr. Zanner. Despite her young age, she can already look back on a successful professional career, and indeed, she most impressively demonstrated that she has the personal qualities and qualifications expected of a provost of the University of Bayreuth in her presentation to the University Council. I wish Dr Kaiser every success and the best of luck in the exercise of this office of great responsibility”, says Dr Adalbert Weiß, Chairman of the University Council of the University of Bayreuth.

Minister of Science Bernd Sibler also extended his congratulations: “Dr. Nicole Kaiser has gained experience in various areas of university life. In particular, she has already been intensively involved in various administrative and organisational tasks, and she is also very familiar with the structures of the University of Bayreuth. She is therefore ideally equipped for the office of provost. Moreover, I am very pleased that a woman is complementing the strong team at the top of the University of Bayreuth. I wish her all the best for her new tasks.”

Dr Nicole Kaiser is approaching her appointment “with respect and great anticipation”: “I am delighted that I will be able, in future, to help steer the fortunes of the University of Bayreuth in a position with an enormous amount of creative freedom. The fact that I already know most of the staff is certainly an advantage, and to them I would like to say: Even now, my door is still always open!”

In future, Dr Nicole Kaiser will supervise approximately 1,000 non-academic employees of the University of Bayreuth. She is responsible for the budget (currently around € 180 million from state subsidies and third-party funds). She is also responsible for appointment negotiations, for example, and is a member of the University Governing Board.

The next step will be the official appointment of Dr Nicole Kaiser as Provost of the University of Bayreuth by the President.


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