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Here we go again! After three coronavirus semesters of mainly online teaching and greatly reduced personal contact on campus, classroom lectures will become the norm again in the 2021/22 winter semester. This means that not just new students will begin discovering the campus in October, but also that students beginning their second, third, and fourth semesters will have their first "real" university experience. To ensure a good start to university life for everyone, the University of Bayreuth has put together a number of introductory offers to help you settle in.

The University of Bayreuth spirit is legendary. It’s high time we really experience it again. To this end, under the motto of "WelcomeBack@UBT - live, in colour, join in", we’re bringing students together on a personal level, promoting friendship, encounter, and networking, bringing them into - professional and interdisciplinary – discourse, thereby strengthening cohesion - in person, on campus, and, of course, all the while complying the applicable infection control regulations.

Enrolment & getting-to-know-you evening

For students set to spend their first semester at the campuses of Bayreuth or Kulmbach, the University Governing Board is organizing a creatively and dynamically designed matriculation hour in hybrid form in October. Afterwards, there will be a get-to-know-you evening hosted by the Student Parliament (StuPa). There, all students will have the opportunity to learn about the University and the possibilities to get involved musically, politically, artistically or otherwise.

Beforehand, Student Advising will share interesting facts about starting your studies for all those who are completely new to the University under the motto of "Welcome to the University". The one-hour webinar will be offered on 29 September and 6 October. At Student Advising, you will also find the dates for the introductory events that are offered around the start of lectures for all degree programmes which are highly recommended for a successful start to your studies. Many central institutions also offer information events at the beginning of the semester; of course, returning students are also welcome here.

Activities for encounter & meeting

Accompanying the commencement ceremony and the get-to-know-you evening, get-to-know-you activities organised by the individual student councils will take place on campus and in Bayreuth and Kulmbach at the beginning of the semester. For example, we wish to set up a central, digital networking platform through which students can arrange to meet random acquaintances for a walk or lunch. Furthermore, in the winter semester, we will offer more day trips, city rallies, sports activities, and "meet-your-professor" events.

In addition, we’re planning to make the already "most beautiful campus in Germany" the best campus to meet up, by creating appealing places to spend time in our buildings. In this way, we hope to encourage social interaction between students, especially during the winter months when the weather is not so great.

Dear Students, we’re looking forward to seeing you!