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Your offering "live on screen"!

Of course, we can help out a bit. The trick is quite simple: the University has distributed 18 monitors at 18 strategically important nodes on campus. Here, your message shines out to the campus world in perfect resolution on large flatscreens, and spreads like wildfire.

And it gets better!

University job offers and events can be posted free of charge. The maximum duration of the template is 14 days before the event date. The processing time for posting the individual templates can take 2-3 working days.

What are you waiting for?

Instructions for the design of info screens

Use a graphics programme such as Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, or free programmes such as Gimp or Inkscape to design your event notice. There you can create the file according to your requirements down to the last pixel.

Create a new document and select the following


  • Width 1280 Pixel
  • Height 720 pixels
  • Resolution 72 dpi (dots per inch ≙ pixels/inch ≙ ppi)
  • Colour mode RGB

Now design your event notice. Or copy an existing file into this file and adapt it if necessary.

You can also check an already created file (e.g. a JPG) for usability by opening it in Photoshop, for example, then selecting the sub-item "Image size" under the menu item "Image". The information will then be displayed. These must correspond to the specifications mentioned above. Proceed accordingly in your graphics programme.

In contrast to a printed advertisement, the viewer of the graphics on the info screen has only a limited time to grasp its content. It is therefore imperative to adapt the design accordingly.

Use only the most necessary textual references, refrain from longer continuous text, and avoid small fonts.

Even if a font size of 8 can be read without problems in print, you should not go below a font size of 20 for the monitor display (with the above-mentioned image size and dpi number). The most important text information should be much larger.

Save or export the finished document, e.g. as a JPEG in the highest quality.

Still need some inspiration? 

Take a look at the topics currently running on the campus monitors.

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Campusmonitore, Uni Shop, Events

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Office: Room 3.08 ​, Central University Administration (ZUV)
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