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Scrit – the new official communications platform

In Scrit, the University of Bayreuth has a new communication platform including various specific channels for internal communication. It was developed out of the desire to reliably inform various in-house target groups in urgent cases (e.g. during Storm Sabine). Through its connection to cmlife and CAMPUSonline, Scrit can draw on the organisational structure of the University of Bayreuth, enabling target group-specific communication.

But what can Scrit do, exactly? Information in the form of text and images can be sent in-house as an instantaneous direct message to other University of Bayreuth users. The messages are distributed to different channels of the University. This illustration shows the current channels:

Image 1: Scrit’s connection to existing systems

Reading Scrit messages

If you don’t wish to miss any more news, you can either view content directly on the Scrit website or download the app straight onto your smartphone:

Frequently Asked Questions: